Sunday, September 8, 2013

Solo Bound Female - Second Edition Out Now

So after months of building, editing, deliberation, and play testing I'm finally ready to release the second edition of Solo Bound Female.  It is bigger (and in some ways better) than first edition turned out.  The cards lend themselves to much more varied game play and countless deck building options.  For starters, there are four different playable characters and four complimentary scenarios for you to mix and match between them.  Additionally, there are numerous combinations of action, bondage, trouble, and person cards for you to experiment with.  The whole thing includes over 200 cards!  Check out some pics below:

These girls sure know how to have fun.  Care to join them?

A wide variety of action and bondage cards to choose from.

Supernatural trouble cards join trouble and person cards as a standard card type in second edition.

And that's not even close to half of all the different cards you're getting in second edition (79 unique cards, most of which come in triples)!

Please note that you will need some form of counters for keeping track of vitality, progress, etc. as this set only comes with the cards.  Additionally, no hard copy of the instructions is included but you can download a copy of Version 1 above.  It is highly recommended that you use the Instructions tab first and consult the complete version (download) only if you get confused.

Deck Building Advice

Now that you have a huge stack of SBF cards, you're going to need to build a deck.  No problem.  I'll spend a number of future posts throwing around deck building strategies and card-combos.  Here are a few to get you started:

(1) When building your 40 card character deck, you might want to start with 11 stationary bondage cards, 11 bondage move cards, and about 18 action cards.  This gives you a nice baseline to start with.  From there, you can mix and match according to what suits your strategy (and chosen character) best.

(2) The scenario deck should have at least 13 person cards to get started (out of 25 total cards).  Once again, shifting that number up and down comes after you get the hang of what you're doing.

(3) The single player game (and, to some, degree the multi-player version) is only as hard as you make it.  If the game seems too easy, try going for more scenario cards that you know will cause your deck problems or taking cards out of the player deck that seem to destroy the opposing deck.  Too hard?  Make sure that any cards that get you stuck are taken out of the scenario deck and replaced by something less devious.  You might need to consider revising the character deck as well.  And remember, losing isn't all bad.  It's about the journey, not the destination.

(4) Card combos aren't just limited to in game cards.  Consider synergies with your character or against a particular scenario.  Same goes for the opposing deck.

New Card Effects

A few new card abilities are present in second edition.  They include:

Competence #: Pay # in addition to the base cost and when this card would go to the discard pile, put it into play as aptitude instead.

Incompetence #: Pay # in addition to the base cost and when this card would go to the discard pile, put it into play as inaptitude instead.

Double Trouble: When this card is played, draw another card from the scenario deck and play it (either for its cost or as inaptitude if there is not enough inaptitude in play to afford it).

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Story and Game Updates

The sixth part of my short story Going Home can be found in the Pending Stories Tab.

Second Edition for SBF comes out tomorrow.

Um, I guess that's it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This just in...

So, I haven't found nearly as much time to keep up with this site as I had hoped.  Sorry about that.  I'll probably find myself updating in bursts.  Kinda like now!  Here's the latest.

(1) New Pending Stories page now online.  This is where I'll post stuff that I'm writing and submitted but has not yet appeared on other sites (Namely Gromet's Plaza).  Currently, Part 5 of Going Home is there and Part 6 is really close to joining it.

(2) Second edition (featuring Andy's Dames) of Solo Bound Female will be on sale within a week!  I've finally reached the point of tweaking and play testing that I'm satisfied with.  More details to follow soon.

(3) I will be adding two more sections to the site in the next week as well: Artists and F.A.Q.  The Artist page will information and links to all of the awesome artists that appear (or will appear) in the SBF card game.  The FAQ will be available for questions about the game or stories that I can then update into the page itself.

Thanks as always for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Basic Instructions Now Online

I've been busy again lately but I have taken the time to right a shorter version of the game instructions.  I've posted them as a new page titled (surprise!) Instructions.  I'm sure there are a few things I was too brief on or perhaps even left out entirely so if you try playing the game and find the new instructions either too confusing or simply incomplete please let me know.

I hope to have more exciting updates (stories/cards/etc.) soon.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some Story Ideas

So I've put together a list of stories I plan to work on in the future while I continue working on Going Home.  I can't decide where to begin so maybe some feedback will help.  I've taken a handful of my ideas over a variety of topics/characters and I've listed them below with some (very) brief overviews.  If a particular one sounds interesting, let me know by voting for it (see side bar).  I'd really appreciate your input.  If there's no real preference, I'll use my judgement or I'll see what people have to say elsewhere.  If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask in the comment section below.  Thanks as always.


Ghost Touch starring Candice

Sarah convinces Candice to spend the night in a haunted house where the ghosts are known to be a little frisky.  Curiosity gets the better of Candice as she agrees to go check it out.  Not only are the ghosts real but they are far more playful than she had expected.  Will Candice end up with more than she bargained for or will these spooky specters help to lift her spirits?

A Penny for Your Shorts starring Penny

Penny borrowed too much money from the wrong people and she has until six o’clock to pay back almost $10k.  She is a fair amount short and she’s running out of time.  Nevertheless, Penny meets up with them and pays as much as see can.  In the end, she ends up with a lot less than she expected…

Relentless starring Naomi

Naomi has a machine that she uses to satisfy her self bondage and sexual desires every week.  It can do everything she ever dreamed and more, constantly pushing her to the limit with intense stimulation and constant pleasure.  But what happens when she’s pushed beyond that limit?  When she must endure pleasures beyond any she had ever intended to experience?  Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Sighlent Cumming starring Amanda

Sarah walks in on Amanda during a self-bondage session back when they had two other roommates.  They speak briefly and Sarah leaves Amanda in a precarious situation.  Amanda has to keep calm (and quiet) if she doesn't want anyone else to walk in on her.  That’s a task easier said than done since there’s a vibrator working her over and no way to keep her silent save for sheer willpower… good luck with that.

Phases starring Rachel & Rebecca

A new experimental device is being tested and Rachel is quick to sign up.  It is used to record and, eventually, play back sensations registered by the body.  Rachel agrees to test it with the protocol of “sexual stimulation to orgasm” in mind.  Meanwhile, Rebecca is skeptical about the device and puts it to the test.  As it turns out, the device isn't perfect but it does seem to work as advertised.  It should be a fun time for both of them.

Bare Out There starring Amanda

Sarah and Amanda head out on a little camping trip together.  Unknown to Amanda, Sarah has every intention to use this trip to help Amanda get in touch with her more natural side.  Namely, she plans to get Amanda outside and naked for the first time ever.  Doing so turns out to be a fairly easy task but when the two become separated, Amanda gets lost.  Does she bare all and ask for help or are her instincts strong enough to find Sarah on her own?  And who knows what Sarah might have in store for her once they meet back up.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Cast of Characters

So I have dozens of ideas and stories in mind that I hope to eventually share some day.  The vast majority of them involve Amanda (from Going Home) but I have a few other characters in mind that I plan to write about as well.  Here's the list:

Four Roommates - Out of college, these four girls move in together for a few years.

Amanda Hatterfield: My reoccurring main character.  There's a whole bio and pic of her already on the adult fiction page.

Sarah Morgan: The prototypical dominant type (also appearing in Going Home).  She clever and sneaky but ultimately reliable and good-natured.  She starts out as both Candice's and Amanda's dom though neither realize this for quite some time.

Candice Burnett: She is completely submissive and incredibly curious when it comes to experimenting with new things.  She's also easily aroused and fairly shy about it, trusting only Sarah to know about her secret lifestyle.

Penny Perdue: She's a risk taker and a gambler.  She considers herself a dominant type though circumstances rarely allow for that to be the case.  She often finds herself in trouble, most often financially.

Additional Characters

R&R - Rachel and Rebecca are best friends that often challenge each other in various ways, competing and fooling around quite often.  While their antics can be fairly extreme, they never seem to fight about it.  Instead, they simply look to one-up the other next time.

Rebecca "Becky" Barron: She is the 'smart' one, although not by much.  This is mostly because her clever approach to handling situations is often offset by a significant level of naivety.  Ultimately, the person she ends up outsmarting most is herself although Rachel is a close second.

Rachel McDermitt: Rachel is a former cheerleader though few would argue that she's any more attractive than Becky.  She is considerably more athletic than Becky and much less naive but her lack of subtlety tends to make her a bit too predictable.

Naomi Pendleton: Last but not least is Naomi, a doctor who has limited social skills.  She's all business, especially when it comes to her hobby; human sexuality.  Her medical knowledge and sheer genius allow her to maximize her level of pleasure when playing her self-bondage games.

I'll be posting these outlines with a bit more detail in the adult fiction section soon.

While I'm working on the not-so-short story, Going Home, I figure I can start working on another story or two featuring one of the character's above.  I'll post some details about a few of the ones I have in mind so I can see if there's any interest in a particular one.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Update (Finally!) on card game and stories

Sorry for the huge gap between posts.  I've had tons of stuff going on and what time I have had has been spent on things that aren't exactly blog worthy (short stories that appear on other sites, play testing, card redesigns, etc.).  Now that I have a bit of free time, I hope to get a couple posts in over the next couple of weeks before things get crazy again.

  Anywho, here's the latest in terms of stories and cards:

Solo Bound Female is still being play-tested but I have a big box set to be available soon.  I'm also working to overhaul the instructions to make them shorter/easier to follow.  I'm also considering releasing a set that includes a game board/mat that makes set up easier and generally look better.  But one thing at a time.  In case you're interested, here is a picture of the game box for the Andy's Dames second edition set (available soon).

Second Edition of SBF featuring Andy's Dames in coming soon.  More details to follow.

As for adult fiction, I have been told that parts 3 & 4 of Going Home will be up at Gromet's soon.  I've started part 5 but I'm also looking to start one of several other story arcs.  I have several reoccurring characters planned out with numerous stories for each of them many of which overlap.  Over the next week or so, I hope to post more character info and some introductory story ideas to see what everyone wants to read most.  Stayed tuned for more details.

As always, thanks for stopping by.